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Facebook Application Error (Resolved)



ERROR: This endpoint has been deprecated. To temporarily reenable it, you may disable the "august_2012" platform migration. It will be disabled permanently on August 1, 2012.


The above message is currently seen by most Facebook applications for web, iOs and mobile. The first time I encountered this error was before August 1 and ignored it. From my findings every Facebook application has migration settings which can be enabled/disabled for particular months (August, September, October..) and get permanently disabled on the first day of the present month. Aug 2nd, I encountered that same problem and there was no way I could use my Facebook application, but with this unique url you can still use your application.


All you do is get your app id and add it to the url --> http://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?_path=feed&app_id=Your App Id&&redirect_uri=https://www.facebook.com&display=popup



new url = http://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?_path=feed&app_id=268036373309742&&redirect_uri=https://www.facebook.com&display=popup